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Awesome art done for me :D

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Freaking Long Meme of Death

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 7:27 PM

I ended up having to change skins for this xD since it was so long and the box on my usual journal skin isn't particularly spacious...

1) Sexuality?

2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Crap I dunno... xD maybe Dan or Phil

3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

"Eventually, we may be forced to consider the possibility that a monogamous pairbond might actually be much more psychologically demanding than a number of casual relationships, seeing as the essence of the problem is summed up rather neatly by birds."

4) What do you think about most?

Holy HELL... I dunno... I think about a lot of things on a daily basis xD my thoughts run through my head faster than I can keep track of, usually.

5) What does your latest text message from someone else say?

"OK Let me grab my computer"

6) Do you sleep with or without clothes on?


7) What's your strangest talent?

I guess... art? Or music?

8) Girls.... (finish the sentence); Boys.... (finish the sentence)

Girls are are predictable and obnoxious; boys are despicably irritating douchewagons.

9) Ever had a poem or song written about you?

Uhhhh not that I know of? I mean I know I've WRITTEN them but I don't think anyone would write a poem/song about me xD

10) When is the last time you played the air guitar?

Yesterday, when I watched 'Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure' (it is a great old movie, watch it and laugh yourself to death).

11) Do you have any strange phobias?

It's not a STRANGE phobia, but I'm absolutely terrified of zombies xD the funny thing is, though, I will still participate in events (like Quarantine at my school) that involve me running around and avoiding them. I guess I'm a bit of an odd duck?

12) Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose?


13) What's your religion?

Jegusism (only my friends will understand xD it's a fake religion, in case you're stupid)
Also: Does Troyler count as a religion? Because YES.

14) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?

Playing soccer. That is legitimately my only reason for going outside in winter... unless it snows. Which it never does.

15) Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

Depends. I'm okay with pictures if I agree to them. NO SECRET ONES, KandyKitty101 

16) Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?

HOLY SHIZ I DON'T FREAKING KNOW, MAN! I'll list a few, just so you can get an idea:
- Crown the Empire (Andy Leo is literally my second-choice bae, right behind Karkat)
- Rise Against 
- Evanescence 
- The OLD Paramore (not so much their new sound)
I'm forgetting a LOT of my favorite bands, don't judge me. 

17) What was the last lie you told?

"No, I DO have a life!"

18) Do you believe in karma?

Yes. Because Dochecanoes are eventually going to screw up so badly that they get everything thrown back in their face c:

19) What does your URL mean?

Dragon-Wolf-Lover? What is there to explain...?

20) What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?

My strength and my weakness are exactly the same: my mind. 

21) Who is your celebrity crush?

Pshshhhhshshsh I dunno celebrities are generally stupid. 

22) Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Hell now. 

23) How do you vent your anger?

Uhhh well I get angry a lot xD and unfortunately I take it out on other people... the other day I broke a plate though because someone got me riled up enough that I needed to cause destruction c: aren't I a lovely human being?

24) Do you have a collection of anything?

Books. And also dragon sculpture xD halp I have a problem

25) Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?

Online. Holding the phone up to my ear is too much work.

26) Are you happy with the person you've become?

That's a topic I really don't want to get into.

27) What's a sound you hate; sound you love?

Hate: People eating. Especially rice or other assorted squishy foods.
Love: Music, duh. It IS a sound.

28) What's your biggest "what if"?

... What if my old friend Kendra hadn't moved away and continued to affect me negatively?

29) Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?

Yes and yes. 

30) Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm.

Right: A box of tissues
Left: A bunch of framed pictures of my peepz during our friend's going away party

31) Smell the air. What do you smell?

Me (a.k.a shampoo)

32) What's the worst place you have ever been to?


33) Choose East Coast or West Coast?

West Coast. 

34) Most attractive singer of your opposite gender?


35) To you, what is the meaning of life?

How the everloving hell should I know? Also that's really none of your BUSINESS :P (Lick)

36) Define Art.

Feelings, ideas, and emotions in a physical form. 

37) Do you believe in luck?


38) What's the weather like right now?

I live in Washington, what the hell do you think? xD

39) What time is it?

6:53 pm

40) Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?

Yes and No. 

41) What was the last book you read?

Are we talkin' physical or internet? *starts fangirling* FREAK OMG FREAAAAAK GO READ IT 

42) Do you like the smell of gasoline?

>-< no

43) Do you have any nicknames?


44) What was the last movie you saw?

How to Train Your Dragon II, of course. THEY HAVE IT ON NETFLIX NOW *heavy breathing*

45) What's the worst injury you've ever had?

Well funny story (jk it sucks)... I thought I would be a great idea to try and take a shot from half-field (in soccer) without warming up first. Guess who completely tore her hip-flexer off  of the bone? Yeah, that was not a fun experience. 

46) Have you ever caught a butterfly?


47) Do you have any obsessions right now?


48) What's your sexual orientation?

Didn't you already ask this?

49) Ever had a rumor spread about you?


50) Do you believe in magic?


51) Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?

Ahhhh yes. I tend to hold onto those forever, actually.

52) What is your astrological sign?

Capricon (LoOk At AlL tHeSe mIrAcLeS)

53) Do you save money or spend it?


54) What's the last thing you purchased?

Quarantine tickets.

55) Love or lust?

What the hell kind of question is this? xD

56) In a relationship?

Let's just say 'it's complicated' and leave it at that, shall we?

57) How many relationships have you had?

Not really.

58) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?


59) Where were you yesterday?

At Quarantine.

60) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

Hell naw. 

61) Are you wearing socks right now?

One sock and proud. 

62) What's your favorite animal?

For those of you who have imaginations: Dragon
For those of you who don't: Gray wolf

63) What is your secret weapon to get someone to like you?

Uh... like... LIKE LIKE me or just appreciate my presence?
Honestly, I don't do anything. Either they like me or they don't, it's their problem if they don't. Not mine.

64) Where is your best friend?

In La Center

65) Spit or swallow?(;

I wouldn't know... holy shiz what the actual hell is wrong with some of these questions?

66) What is your heritage?


67) What were you doing last night at 12 AM?

Eating cookie dough at my friends house xD aren'tIhealthy?

68) What do you think is Satan's last name?


69) Be honest. Ever gotten yourself off?

Ew, no. 

70) Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?

Well... that's kind of a complicated question. I know I'm really irritating, obnoxious, and loud sometimes... but I like to think that I make up for it by being caring and a good listener when I need to be. I know I might not seem like it, but I am a very affectionate person xD albeit awkward.
So I think... yes?

71) You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in

the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late one more time you get fired. What do you do?

Grab the dog and take it to work with me, obviously.

72) You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live.

a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die?

Hiding it from them would be a bad idea.

b) What do you do with your remaining days?

Honestly? Spend it with the people I love the most.

c) Would you be afraid?

Yes, to be perfectly honest I'm terrified of dying.

73) You can only have one of these things; trust or love.

Oh goooooood why are you making me do this?! I guess... trust?

74) What's a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

The Fallout by Crown the Empire

75) What are the last four digits in your cell phone number?

HAHA funny.

76) In your opinion, what makes a great relationship?

Communication and honesty.

77) How can I win your heart?

FOOD, MAN! (jk)
Honestly? Just... be who you are, and let me be who I AM. Don't try to change me and don't try to change yourself to fit with my possible views. I want someone who is kind, loyal, and (predictably) has a good sense of humor. What's not to like about a person like that?

78) Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Of course.

79) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?

Oooooh dear that is an impossible question.

80) What size shoes do you wear?

10.5.... I have freaking big feet, man XD

81) What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

Do not mourn for my death; rather celebrate for your life. 

82) What is your favorite word?


83) Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.


84) What is a saying you say a lot?

"Why the Hell not?

85) What's the last song you listened to?

Human Legacy by Ivan Torrent

86) Basic question; what's your favorite color/colors?

Orange and Black.

87) What is your current desktop picture?

Since I'm on my desktop instead of my laptop...? Blackness. Literally, no picture.

88) If you could press a button and make anyone in the world instantaneously explode,

who would it be?

No one. I don't wanna kill someone.

89) What would be a question you'd be afraid to tell the truth on?

What is the worse thing you've ever done or thought about?

90) One night you wake up because you heard a noise. You turn on the light to find that

you are surrounded by MUMMIES. The mummies aren't really doing anything, they're just standing around your bed. What do you do?

Get the hell out of there, obviously, if they're not going to do anything. 

91) You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what's even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power?

Shapeshifting. Not just into humans, but any living thing that I can imagine.

92) You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time-span can only be a half-hour, though. What half-hour of your past would you like to experience again?

A half hour with my birthmom, just so I know what she was like.

93) You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

Hmmmm, no idea... there's a lot of things I'd like to erase but I like to think they've helped me who I am now :3 so I guess none of them! 

94) You have the opportunity to sleep with the music-celebrity of your choice. Who would it be?

I don't really want to sleep with people xD no matter how much I may love them. I'm so awkward. 

95) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?


96) Do you have any relatives in jail?

I should hope not. 

97) Have you ever thrown up in the car?

Yep. Everytime I eat sausage or egg before I get in a car. Which was often when I was younger.

98) Ever been on a plane?


99) If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say?

Suck it up and get on with your life. Stop moping about everything. 

100) Now tag 5 friends!


originally tagged by Lassiere


Mac (I'm the Vriska :P)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconexcitedhiplz: SUP GAIZ

Just a simple teenage nerdy girl who loves all kinds of art, violent video games, and anime XD I'm only 16 and still learning how to draw, teaching myself as I go, but any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! :D I always love to learn from those who are skilled, and even those who are not, because all input will help me to improve x3

My music choice is definitely PRETTY AWESOME. I love just about every kind of music out there (except Pop Country, R&B Soul, Blues, Jazz, etc. That kind of boring music :) sorry to anyone who listens to this kind of stuff, like my mom...). My FAVORITE music, however, is Heavy Metal, Screamo, and Hard Rock :D I also really really love classical music. I'm a pretty balanced person in this department.

I am also a huge person into Fantasy, ESPECIALLY dragons. In my gallery you will see mostly dragon artwork, because DRAGON TRUMPS ALL XD My favorite movies are How To Train Your Dragon (1 AND 2), Avatar (blue monkeys), and the Narnia series. I've always wanted to be one of those people from my books that is whisked away to a magical land and gets to go on an amazing adventure... That would be freaking awesome xD

Art forms I indulge in:
*Sculpt (not very good at this XD but I'm improving)
*Draw (digital and traditional)
*WRITE! I really hope to publish before I'm 20.

Other hobbies:
*ARCHERY!!!! I'm a HUGE archery person, no doubt about it!
*Soccer! I usually like to play on 3 teams at the same time.
*Reading :) I read at a college level.
*MUSIC! HELL YEAH! Music is a HUGE part of my life. I play Piano, Bass Clarinet, and are teaching myself Guitar. I've gone to state multiple times for my musical abilities.
*RPING!!!! If anyone ever wants to RP with me, I'm MORE than willing! I'm a big RP person.
*Anime watching. Because who doesn't love anime XD
*Playing violent video games! :chainsaw:

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