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A big dragon family!
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I really hope you guys like my gallery! ^^ I always work hard on my pictures.

A WARNING TO YOU: Don't look back too far into my gallery, my artwork from long ago is REALLY REALLY FRICKIN' BAD. Just...don't even go there. Avoid all artwork from long ago XD

Gift for Mac Page Doll by BlackDragonArtist



For Dragon-Wolf-Lover by KandyKitty101

All the same things that I told you earlier, you know, in the first one, but I do like it better now. I think you should add the second...


Traditional Drawing: 10 :points:
Hand drawn, completely shaded. I ALSO OFFER COLOR FOR NO EXTRA COST.
Traditional Pic 20 by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Dragon Armor Concept by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Traditional Pic 13 by Dragon-Wolf-Lover (NOTE: I have improved a lot since these examples)

Sketch: 5 :points:
A simple sketch of a picure
I drew this for no reason :D by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Sketch Dump: 10 :points:
A sketch dump of anything/anyone you want :) I will fill up an entire 900x1000 canvas
Sketch Dump by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Lineart: 10 :points:
Lineart of anything/anyone. No backgrounds or shading.
Soul Eater Evans Fail by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

No shading, no background: 15 :points:
Nitro the fury by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Xeva - Masquerade Event by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Shading, no Background: 17 :points:
A picture with color and shading, but transparent/white background
Blegh by Dragon-Wolf-Lover For Alice - Random Gift by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Chibeh by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Commish for AppleJaneBlack by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Nen for TheFelineDragojn by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Shading with simple background: 20 :points:
A shaded picture with color, and a background that is one color or many colors blended together
Accepting Fate by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Shading with full Background: 25 :points:
A picture with full shading, background, and color
Written in the Stars by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Pleasant Light by Dragon-Wolf-Lover Rain Fall and Iris by Dragon-Wolf-Lover In the Workshop by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Animation SKELETON: 10 :points:
An animation skeleton of anything, preferably NOT TOO LONG. I'm still improving my animations.
Random Walk Cycle by Dragon-Wolf-Lover

Full-on Animation: 25 :points:
full on animation with color, shading, and lineart.


Extra characters: 2 :points: each

Stuff for me: Commissions, Trades, Gifts, etc


Dragon Design for Dragon-Wolf-Lover by BlackDragonArtist PC: Headshot #1 by speqqy Raja by AlexiaMoonshine Resonance of the Souls Commish by RainFlame07 Diletansky Gift by GuardianDragon1 Secret Santa: Dragon-Wolf-Lover by Shakkara1 Dragon by Zierra1986 Art Trade with Dragon-Wolf-Lover by ShadowhawkArt Request for Mac by BlackDragonArtist Dragon-Wolf-Lover Icon Request by BlackDragonArtist Gifts Galore by BlackDragonArtist Nilli by Bloodshadewolves CONTESTPRICE 3rd by xSpickeyx Misfit by TheFeilineDragojn Commission 5: Dragon-Wolf-Lover by PokemonNightFury AT with Mac by BlackDragonArtist Dark Wings by EndlessShower Hopes and Dreams by BlackDragonArtist Com Sketches Dragon Wolf Lover by xSpickeyx


kid found love 4 by Killjoy-Chidori Mirror Image (Commission) by EnderineNecrosis ES - Masquerade Dance by dahummingbird Commission #14 by Imoon90


Dragoneye (AT) by Auroraz365 Mothy :3 by Auroraz365 Trade: Akita by xSpickeyx Under The Blood Sea by DragonCartoons Xeva (Request for Dragon-Wolf-Lover) by SalienCat Akita by TheFeilineDragojn Akita by Nutmeg777


At for Dragon-Wolf-Lover WIP by Lushain Zion derp icon by TheFeilineDragojn Salvin for Dragon-Wolf-Lover by TheFeilineDragojn


Practice/Gift for Mac by BlackDragonArtist


Question #8 by Auroraz365


ANAKLUSMOS123 free customs 1 and 2 (prizes) by PrincessaDramaQueen Adoptable Challange - Nilhilumbra by BlackDragonArtist


Dubstep Freeze and Vinyl Scratch by Fahu Art Trade- Painted Canvas meets Rainbow Dash by KandyKitty101


Dragons contest thingi by BlackDragonArtist Mac's Birthday (card) by Invidia98



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:iconexcitedhiplz: SUP GAIZ

I'm just a simple teenage girl xD nothing really special or exciting about me AS FAR AS YOU KNOW :dummy: I am a huge lover of dragons (I believe they actually exist. Got a problem with that? GET A LIFE) and wolves, especially melenistic ones. I'm not really sure why, so don't ask xD I also happen to be an Otaku. An Otaku is pretty much someone who loves/adores/worships anime (japanese animated shows) my favorite animes are:

*Soul Eater
*FullMetal Alchemist
*Ouran High School Host Club
*Black Butler

If you're still reading this crappy bio, then good for you xD You just won some awesomeness points with me. Anyway... I also happen to be obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon xD I have the WHOLE thing memorized. Pinao and Bass Clarinet are my main instruments, and music is probably about 4/5 of my life xD so... yeah and stuff. I'm also 99.3% insane xD

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Save a dragon by cafeinomane


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BlackDragonArtist 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Dark clouds loomed overhead. Focusing on flight a Farfetch'd was quickly flyinf through the clouds, a small Carbink on her back. The Carbink whimpered, frightened by the dark clouds. "It's gonna be alright Evan" the Farfetch'd said as she held her stick in her beak
Dragon-Wolf-Lover 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
A young Poochyena dashed through the shadows, red eyes reflecting the lightning that flashed overhead. She was used to the darkness, LIKED it, even, but she hated thunderstorms. Things like lightning and electricity had always frightened her... which was strange, considering her partner was a Luxio. Said pokemon was bounding along beside her, long tail whipping behind him. 
"Gaige! We need to find shelter!" he growled in a breathless way.
"I know that, you idiot. What do you THINK I'm looking for?"
BlackDragonArtist 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Moving down the Farfech'd was now below the clouds, she could see the lightning starting to form. Becoming worried she moved down closer, she wouldn't be able to fly on if lightning struck her. Getting into the trees she swiftly landed, not knowing she had just landed in front of a Luxio and Poochyena
Dragon-Wolf-Lover 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Gaige soon slid to a halt, panting breathlessly with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. "We can't go much further," she said, turning to her partner and shaking the water off of her ears. It had started drizzling slowly, sprinkling droplets on her waterproof fur. "We should find some roots to hid under or something."
Jax (the Luxio) nodded in agreement, breath also coming in short gasps. They had obviously been running for a while.
(1 Reply)
Dragon-Wolf-Lover 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw XD
BlackDragonArtist 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
MidnightRae08 Apr 4, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Watching you back :)
Dragon-Wolf-Lover Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:D thank you!
MidnightRae08 Apr 4, 2014  New member Student General Artist
No problem :D
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